Our School Holiday Skill Building Program is designed for NDIS participants, aged 4-14 who aren’t able to enrol into mainstream school holiday programs which are for one reason or another unsuitable for our participants.  These children are typically socially isolated over the holidays as many can’t attend mainstream school holiday activities.   We aren’t an OSHC or school based service, therefore we are able to specifically assist those families who are NDIS Self or Plan Managed.  


The program has been developed to cater for the needs of the community by providing fun activities that aim to enhance foundational life skills for children with additional needs.

We allow an opportunity for your child to meet new friends, enhance or consolidate skills and socialise with others of different ages and diverse backgrounds.  It also enables them to build independence in a safe and familiar place.

Our school holiday programs are jam-packed with activities designed to stimulate inquisitive minds, get children physically active and discover new interests.  Our aim is to provide for, and nurture the individual needs of the child through a variety of fun and engaging activities. 

We are committed to providing the highest quality of care, and to implement a program to suit the individual needs of your child.  There are many benefits to the whole family unit, including allowing quality time with your other children doing activities your child may not otherwise enjoy.  We understand the needs of a family unit, while supporting children to build their self-confidence and encourage their individuality to shine and to meet their NDIS plan goals.


Summer House Mackay enables us to provide a supported and stimulating environment for children. This facility is easily accessible, easily maintained and has all the necessities such as large changetable and hoist facilities, secured environment, fully fenced shady yard, kitchen area and ample room both internally and externally. It allows us to ensure a high level of security, while having all the necessities at hand to provide an exceptional service for your children.


To participate in the Vacation Care program, your child must be 4-14 years and have a diagnosed disability, accessing the National Disability Insurance Scheme.  Our program operates from 8am – 5.30pm weekdays.  We have two sessions a day, you can book into either one or both for the day.  Next school holidays BOOKING NOW!!  If you're interested, be quick - these won't last long.

Our activity-based programs are developed by a variety of stakeholders which includes existing parents of service users, therapists, early childhood educators and we’ve also added the activities which seem most popular amongst the kids who have used our service.  We take into account individual children's interests and needs, aimed at providing a wide variety of experiences for all children to enjoy.

Activities may include:
•    Arts and crafts
•    Cooking
•    Muddy and Messy Play
•    Drama, dance and music
•    Quiet reading and games area
•    Sports
•    Group games
•    Gardening
•    Leisure and more!


All Abilities Mackay is committed to providing a fun, safe and nurturing environment for all children at all times.


Activities will focus on fun, friendship, fine motor, gross motor, success and outcomes.  We will document the day’s activities and photos of your child can be provided via StoryPark.  We are all about having fun and creating mess, so please send your kids in their play clothes, and several spares. 


You will be increasing your loved ones capacity to be more independent, while practicing emotional and sensory regulation, making friendships and incidental learning skills.   

NDIS Claimable (Plan or Self Managed participants).  Invoices will be provided and your booking confirmed once payment is received.  Your Plan Manager will likely pay after the service, please call us to make arrangements for an invoice with delayed payment terms.   It is expected that the demand will be high, so contact us today to secure your Participants' valuable place.  Registration documents below.

Please refer to page 64 of price guide re camps, vacation and outside school hours’ care, course or membership fees.

04_104_0125_6_1 – Group Activities – Standard – Weekdays - $57.10 p/hour

04_210_0125_6_1   Community, Social and Recreational activities – no price limit

Also, see Innovative Community Participation and Community Participation Activities on page 91, which specifically mentions “vacation activities that have capacity building components.” 

09_011_0125_6_3  Community Participation Activities – no price limit 

We have two sessions available daily… A morning session, and an afternoon one.  You can book your child into either or both.
Each session is $150 for 4.5 hours face to face with a support ratio of 1:3.  40 minutes non-face to face session planing to ensure needs are met. 30 minute shift notes at the end and 20 minutes throughout the day documenting with photos via Storypark.   
*If a child’s needs are higher intensity, we can negotiate accordingly to include them.

*** Why so expensive as compared to typical vacation care?   Our program is not Government Subsidised, and caters specifically for children who cannot attend mainstream vacation care.  It's a service to build skills, not to babysit.  We have 1 paid staff member to 3 children, which is more than mainstream childcare services which is usually 1:15 in centre or 1:10 on excursions. We can also accomodate those children requiring 1:1 support.


Don’t forget
Please bring a sun hat, comfy shoes, spare yard clothes, an old towel, water bottle, morning tea & lunch. Please ensure all items are clearly marked with your child’s name.

You are welcome to drop off or collect anytime throughout the session you’re booked in for.  If your child is distressed, we will seek your instruction.  For those parents who require constant reassurance, we can send regular updates via sms until you feel confident they are happy in our service.

Most activities within our centre fall under

*Core - Social and Community Participation -Category 04

*Capacity Building -Social and Community Participation - Category 09

*Capacity Building -Improved Daily Living Skills - Category 15


Your can expect where appropriate we will assist your child to be as independent as possible, practice self or co-regulation, exercise their gross motor skills, fine motor skills, communication skills, and coordination.  You will be asked to share your plan goals so we can ensure our program is tailored to their needs, and represent value for money and increases capacity, and that we provide evidence you may require for your NDIS planner or partner.  Your child will be encouraged to turn take and wait through games.  They will be encouraged to independently eat and toilet, and dress or undress where appropriate. The will have opportunities to make new friendships.  Our play based programs also expect to encourage problem solving, coping skills, cooperation, imagination, creativity, decision making, boundaries, flexibility and self-direction.      



*If you have child(ren), Participants, who would like to attend our School Holiday Programs, then please get in touch with us asap 49441089.