NDIS and us


"Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. 

But for children play IS serious learning"

Mrs Rogers

NDIS participants who are Self or Plan Managed can access many of our programs using either their CB Daily or CORE funding.  Depending on the program, the participants goals and the funding allocation they intend on using.  If you have any queries at any time you are welcome to approach our friendly team, however the program descriptions have an indication of what the program entails, skills you can expect to explore and what budget may be considered to pay for it. 

As we aren't NDIS registered, we can deliver our programs with flexible outcomes, with enhanced qualities (eg the addition of our neuro-typical friends to some of our programs), and at a budget cost (many of our activities are well below the NDIS price guide meaning you can participate in many more programs as your funding is stretched further).  We are a Not for Profit, and the majority of staff have lived disability experience, our parents are our greatest untapped resource.

Outcomes expected:  Social, Physical, Emotional, Communication, Co-ordination skills are just some of the outcomes you may expect from many of our activities... but above all, you can expect a warm & welcoming environment far removed from any clinical setting.  We find children are far happier working on their skills in a fun and enriching play environment.

Many of our regular programs run over 10 weeks, and are payable in advance to secure your spot.  You will be invoiced for the term.   If your plan manager insists on paying after the program is delivered, we can oblige.  If you have any queries or concerns, we welcome contact at any time to discuss with our friendly team.

As many of our loved ones goals involve Capacity Building to play with peers, to build skills for community access etc, many of our programs offer opportunities to play and make friends with other children, some of whom will not have disabilities.  These will include siblings, volunteers and friends.  Parents are welcome to bring their neuro-typical children to any open activity... check out our programs to see if there is anything you would like to be involved with.

Hope to see you at Summer House Mackay soon!