Messy Play Makers


“Focus not on the differences of people with disabilities, but the talent of the individual.”

Neil Milikan



Messy Play Makers was created as an alternative to other programs around town.  Participants make messy play items, we then sell for fundraising income for our programs. NDIS participants (self & plan managed)  use their fine motor, gross motor, social, communication and problem solving skills to follow recipes, measure ingredients, mix and package messy play products to sell.


If making friends and contributing to a community cause sounds good, please reach out to find out more 49441089.


Our program can take 8 NDIS participants. NDIS self and plan managed…

CB Daily 15_037_0117_1_3 Individual Skill Building

Core or CB Community Participation - group programs

Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays 10am-12pm.  Feel free to stay on after for lunch. During school term.


$60 per session BYO support worker.


Or $85 per session 1:3 our supports


Come as many days as you like.

​Home made and hand made with love

Made from food ingredients

easy to handle

safe for kids

last for months


Playdough: Flour, water, cream of tartar, vegetable oil, salt

Cloud Dough - Flour & vegetable oil

Coloured Rice:  Rice, water, food colouring

Slime:  Psyllium Husk, Food colouring & Water

Sidewalk Chalk:  Non Toxic Colouring and Plaster of Paris

Pasta:  Pasta, water, food colouring

Puffy Paint:  Cornflour, water, gelatine, food colouring
Sparkle Bath Paint: Bubble Bath, corn starch, food colouring, glitter.

Potion Dust - Bicarb, citric acid, food dye, mica and bio glitter

Bath Crayons - 

Oobleck - 

Cow seeds -