All Abilities Mackay has been operating in Mackay since 2011.  Over the years the modest charity which was formed by volunteers, has grown from a small operation operating out of our founders home to what is now becoming one of the busiest learning hubs for parents and children with diagnosed disabilities.  

With a unique personal perspective, the founders understand the unique challenges, as they have personal experience with their loved one with different abilities.  Summer House Mackay was created to fill a gap in services, while delivering timely, responsive and quality programs to enhance the resilience and abilities of the whole family.



We're hiring

Centre Manager

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Bec Nicol

Founder & CEO


Kiera McDowell

Busincess Development Officer


Lisa Lucas

Centre Assistant

Volunteer and parent, Bec's the visionary and main contact for Summer House Mackay and All Abilities Mackay.  With a proven track record of delivering quality programs in Mackay, Bec has been responsible for establishing, co-ordinating or being on founding committees of many successful projects in Mackay including:

Down syndrome Mackay

All Abilities Mackay

Diamonds Social Group

Project Happy Life

Care Kitchen - Cooking School

Special Olympics Mackay

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Several volunteer positions exists for a sociable person to assist with collection of donation cheques, giving receipts and approaching potential donors and sponsors to gather fundraising support.

People with disabilities encouraged to apply.

Must have:

Support worker if required, 

Own vehicle,

Phone contact

Reimbursement for travel and a uniform is available



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